Does the course accomplish and provide all that was promised in the ads and on the website? ✅❌
The ads do not give false hopes and corresponds the course content ✅❌
There are no manipulations in the ads ✅❌
Does the student see the whole curriculum and the real possibilities of further learning or employment BEFORE the payment? ✅❌
Is the curriculum/list of the course topics publicly available? ✅❌
Are the terms of learning and payments publicly available? ✅❌
Is there a public and clearly visible reference to the feedback of the past students? ✅❌
Is there a public and clearly visible reference to the statistics of the employment of the past students? ✅❌
All the data above is available offline (in handouts and other printed materials)? ✅❌
Does the school provide the students with the capability to refuse from learning and get their money (or other form of compensation) back after the first few lessons? ✅❌
The terms of studying include the paragraph regarding the full or partial return of payments for the course ✅❌
If the return of payment is not allowed, the students find this out before they pay ✅❌
If the school promises to help with employment, how do they do it? ✅❌
The course has a checklist and a clear understanding of the procedure of help with employment ✅❌
The information about the employed alumni is public and can be easily obtained ✅❌
If the course/school states they have a partnership with certain company, do they explain what kind of partnership they have? ✅❌
A clear and understandable explanation of the form of partnership is located near the list of partners ✅❌
The school understands what background is needed for every course and accepts only the students with the needed background ✅❌
There is a clear and understandable list of skills and knowledge the student must possess in order to finish the course successfully ✅❌
There is a test or other form of checking if a course is suitable for a student ✅❌
The process of subscribing for a course involves the mandatory explanation of the required background and entrance exam ✅❌
The signatory has the feedback collection and analysis system? ✅❌
An example of a negative feedback and the actions taken (with proofs) ✅❌
The feedback gathering covers the teachers work, the learning process, the course organization and might act as the quality assurance ✅❌
The feedback is collected regularly or after the end of the course ✅❌
Is the feedback included into the curriculum and the learning process? ✅❌
The students know their feedback matters and is not gathered to be neglected ✅❌
Does the course administration ask for feedback on the course usefulness in a couple of months after the course ends? ✅❌
The results of these surveys are public ✅❌
There is the statistics of the average students’ success and further growth ✅❌
Does the school survey the employers regarding the amount of further on-site training needed for the alumni? ✅❌
Did the school provide the contacts from the businesses that employed the alumni (without publicly disclosing their personal details) ✅❌
The results of all surveys are public ✅❌
Does the school provide any explanation regarding their policy on hiring the trainers or information on the teachers’ background on the school’s website? ✅❌
The information about the teachers’ background and the explanation about why they were chosen to teach in the school is available on the website ✅❌
The course has methodical recommendations, guidelines and advices on the learning best practices for teachers? ✅❌
Does the course have an administrator that can consult the teachers based on the feedback from the students? ✅❌
There is a separate course manager who deals with organizational questions, so the teachers only teach ✅❌
The other schools have no conflicts with this school, or such conflicts are solved quickly and in a civilized manner? ✅❌
The SuKhaRi team informs the school on the oncoming revision and requests the information on the collaboration with other schools ✅❌
Does the course provide the certificate of completion? ✅❌
The certificate contains the student’s marks ✅❌
The certificate contains both general information (the name of the school, the name of the course, the date of completion) and the personal information — the final marks, if the final exam is passed or not, if the test project is completed or not ✅❌
If the certificate does not contain the student’s marks, it does not state the student has successfully completed the course ✅❌
The course can provide the information on the median course marks and completion rates ✅❌
The certificate authenticity can be confirmed by number ✅❌
What is the school’s mission and the personal motivation of the owners/managers to work in the education industry (aside from profits) Открытый вопрос руководству
Inclusion scale: the students are different, can the schools adapt to special needs? Do the schools take part in social projects, support social organizations, donate to charity? Открытый вопрос руководству
The revision includes the following questions:
  • The answers to the checklist questions with proofs;
  • Public questions to the school administration and teachers (the learning process, the handouts, etc.);
  • Public questions to the students (regarding feedback, return of payments, course entrance procedures, etc.).